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Greenville Community Church

Serving Christ and the community since 1842

270 Ardsley Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583
Phone: 914-723-1266, Fax: 914-723-1268,

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The Invitation

Jesus invites you to come
And together we’ll seek comfort and strength
That can only be found in God’s love.

Jesus invites you to come
And hear God’s Word

Spoken to us in the scriptures.

Jesus invites you to come
And wherever we’re led

We’ll touch others who are searching for help.

Jesus invites you to come
And the warmth and the love you’ll find

Is the same as we’ve found.

We invite you to come
And meet Jesus.

Our Response
Jesus asks us to seek.
May we always invite those that we meet to join with us.

Jesus asks us to welcome.
May all that appear always be welcome in our midst.

Jesus asks us to love.
May our love be generous and without condition.

Jesus ask us to worship.
May the Word and prayer bring us ever closer to God.

Jesus asks us to serve.
May our energies and resources be applied to God’s work.

May we live this mission daily.

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