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Sunday School Fall Registration is now open!

New children are always welcome.

Children begin the 10AM worship service sitting with their families in the sanctuary, enjoy special time with the pastor at the front for the Children's Sermon, and go together to the Education Rooms downstairs for Sunday School Classes. At the conclusion of classes and worship, children, along with their family members, are invited to enjoy refreshments in Hessler Hall located in the lower level of the Church. We have a place for YOUR child!

Contact Liz at the Church office (914-723-1266) for further details.

The Sunday school program offers Christian education for children from nursery through junior high school age. Depending on enrollment, there may be three to four levels; little lambs (<5 years old); junior class (5-7); senior class (8-10); and pre-confirmation class (11-13). Confirmation class is formed when the teachers and the pastor agree that the children are ready to begin their training to affirm their faith and become members of the church.

The program is led and managed by the Sunday School Coordinator, a church staff member, under the auspices of the Education Committee. The chairperson of the Committee is on the Consistory. The teachers are volunteers and organized into teams of two to three per class level. Each teacher completes a unit in the curriculum and then hands the class over to the next teacher on the rotation. Special activities and programs highlight the joys and miracles of Advent and Lent. We finish the school year with the Children’s Day Service, where the children write the Prayers of Confession and Thankfulness, read the Law and Scripture lessons, and are ushers for the service.

We use the Walk With Me curriculum developed by Faith Alive Christian Resources and published by CRC Publications. Currently we have between 12-16 children attending classes each week.

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